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Melody Wright
Born in Missouri
54 years
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Family Tree
Belinda Myers Christmas Day 2012 December 25, 2012
Today is Christmas. In the last month, I have been lucky enough to reconnect with friends I had with and through Melody. Recently I was able to share gifts she left to me with someone else. Doing this brought back so many memories-it's sometimes overwhelming! Every day I see her moon face clock in my room and her fairy lamp above my bed. Going through my Christmas items, I came across a Betty Boop card she gave to me in the 80's. It's signed from herself, Blair, Rachael and Precious :) Merry Christmas Melody, you're always with me.
Matthew Thuesen
I loved Melody. If not for her I wouldn't be alive today...She was a friend, a room-mate, a nurse and a mother to me. I miss you so much Melody. I wish I could have said goodbye.
Belinda Myers
Happy Birthday Melody! I have been thinking of you every day! I can't believe it's been a year since you got sick. All my memories of that time are bittersweet, I lost you-but at the same time I was there for you-I'm so grateful for that! I miss you, miss you miss you!
Belinda Myers
Today was the first Christmas without Melody. She would save all the presents she would receive from friends and family, so she could open them on Christmas morning. What would seem to be small things to others, would be her favorite presents-like a box of Blueberry Morning cereal. Her favorite holiday was Christmas. Last year I asked her if she wanted to listen to Christmas music as we drove to one of our favorite stores-she soon realized it was from South Park! Merry Christmas Melody!
Christmas Fairy
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